It's ALL About Buying (Not Selling)
Written by Anthony Baucum - Pro Dealer Secrets
Let me warn you first off, I’m not a writer and I’m not a good salesman.
I just know a lot about this and I make a lot of money doing it

$200,000+ per year to be exact

You can rip my grammar and writing apart if you wish, or use this information and apply it to make a lot of money.


I’ve created this article to provide information and tools to help others how to make anywhere from an extra $1,000 to $10,000+ per month.

Why am I giving this information away? To better society. Just kidding, well kind of. I want to teach people how to flip cars honestly and provide value to customers. My dealership has over 400+ 5-star ratings by listening to people and not being the typical used car salesman.
This isn’t a get rich quick scheme or how to screw people over with shitty cars.

With that out of the way, let’s get to the lesson. Most people think they make money when they sell something. That’s just not true.

“You make money when you buy, not when you sell” - Someone

So how does this apply to flipping cars? You should focus more on finding good deals to buy and not on selling, because when you buy the right cars at the right prices, they sell themselves without you needing to be a good salesperson. You could be the world’s worst salesperson and the car will still sell itself if it’s a good deal.

Consider the following two people selling the exact same car, a 2001 Honda Civic, it’s the same color, mileage, everything. Even the same soda stain in the back seat from a clumsy kid.
Bob listed his Honda Civic for $2200 and sold it for $2000 within 2 days of listing it for sale locally, he made $800 for about 3 hours worth of work, including going to the auction and the first person that looked at it bought it.

Steve is having trouble selling his Honda Civic that he’s listed for $2900, he’s had it up for almost a month, had a few people interested and some lowball offers but no serious buyers. He finally has to sell it for $2200 to the first person that actually shows up and makes a serious offer.

What’s going on here? Well it’s all about how they bought it.

Bob was patient, found a good car and only spent $1200 on his Honda Civic, it was a little rough but after 30 minutes of light cleaning and taking good pics, it was a great car for the price.
He does his research and sees that most of the local Civics that are similar are priced between $2000-$2500 so he lists it for $2200 and expects an offer between $1800-$2000 and all he needs to make is $500+ to make it a good deal. It’s the best deal available so it’s easy to sell.
Steve was impatient, he bought the first one at the auction that looked nice and wound up spending $1900 on a good looking Civic, he didn’t check the car before the auction and had to fix a few things (which cost $150).

Now he has to list it for $3000 to make it worth flipping, unfortunately he didn’t do his research and doesn’t realize that his car will be overpriced at $3000. He has no choice but to hope someone buys his over the other similar ones for $2500, it’s just a matter of waiting for the right person to come along. Eventually he gets frustrated and just has to dump it for almost breakeven price at $2200.

Let’ Recap

Bob bought a Civic for $1200 and sold it for $2000 within 2 days and makes $800

Steve bought a Civic for $1900, spent another $150 and winds up taking $2200 to make $50 a month later.

That extra hour or 2 of checking the car and researching prices in the local market paid off for Bob.

It always pays off to be prepared, check the cars, check the market and make sure that your car will be the obvious choice for car shoppers over all the other options.

This lesson applies across business and especially flipping anything from cars, houses, furniture, anything you can imagine.

As long as you buy it correctly, selling will be easy.


Anthony Baucum

Anthony is a licensed dealer from Tulsa, Oklahoma who went bankrupt with his first dealership in 2016 and started a successful dealership averaging 50 cars sold per month as a result of the lessons learned.
Anthony used his experience in digital marketing and finance degree to create a new, unique system of buying and selling cars that isn't taught anywhere in the world.
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