Written by Anthony Baucum - Pro Dealer Secrets
“You make money when you buy, not when you sell” - Someone
So how does this apply to flipping cars? You should focus more on finding good deals to buy and not on selling, because when you buy the right cars at the right prices, they sell themselves without you needing to be a good salesperson. You could be the world’s worst salesperson and the car will still sell itself if it’s a good deal. ..
Written by Anthony Baucum - Pro Dealer Secrets
Ah, it’s the age old question that men have been pondering since the caveman days.
Where is the best place to find cars to flip for profit?
It’s a hard question to answer because it depends largely on one thing, whether or not you have a used dealer’s license.  
If you do, then the best place is dealer auctions and only from certain sellers (more on that in a few).
If you don’t have a dealer’s license, it can be tough and you’ll spend a LOT of time digging for that one nugget...
Written by Anthony Baucum - Pro Dealer Secrets
I bet you want to learn all about how to make money, huh? You want to know how to make $1000/day just flipping cars and never having a bad deal or losing money and moving to an island with millions of dollars?
It just doesn’t happen that way, at least the part about never having a bad car or taking a loss. It’ll happen and you need to know how to take a loss just as much as you should know how to make money. ..
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